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We created the be Formula for WOMEN who want to own their future and maximize their life by elevating their personal experiences.

It’s about creating a vision, making a decision, and coordinating and integrating a plan, to reach a higher level of self-awareness, happiness, and success in all areas of your life.

The Be Formula Framework

What if...

Vulnerability and “not fitting in” are your SUPERPOWERS, and your roadblocks and self-doubt are your rocket fuel!!!

And you could learn to use these to….

Break free from all the crazy “rules” and “expectations” that have crept into your life, and begin again…..only this time….you get to be the director of your story?

Say enough is enough, leave behind this idea of being “perfect” and uncover who’s at your core.  You know…the REAL authentic YOU!

Which would allow you to discover...

Your passions, recognize your gifts and move forward in loving YOUR WHOLE-SELF enough to trust and BELIEVE YOU matter, and YOU are meant to make a big impact.

Stand tall, stop ignoring your feelings and use your voice to share your unique YOU with the world.

Design and start living the incredibly powerful life you have always dreamed of, on YOUR terms!

Be Inspired


Be Empowered


Be You


Wasn’t sure which pic. When I was diagnosed stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer in bone 17 months ago, life was turned upside down and sideways. However this journey has led me to finding peace, calm, joy, excitement and a strength that I don’t believe I would have found without walking this path.  These last few weeks, I’ve taken a journey of self discovery working with Kimberly, I’ve explored gratitude, happiness, love, hopes and dreams. I’ve taken my cancer journey to a new level, allowing myself the gift of living fully, mindfully in spite of my disease and its treatment. I’m learning to walk the balance of doing vs being, living vs life, and finding gratitude in each day. Living life with cancer is a journey, it’s important to listen within and follow your own path. My goal is to Thrive through life!

_JoAnn Mirabelli,

Having to finally face my Cancer Diagnosis was scary and frightening. I didn’t want it to define me and I was afraid to tell my family and friends. I dreaded the sad responses and uncomfortable conversations. I especially didn’t want people to feel sorry for me or pity me. When I was at my lowest, I met Kimberly Price and she invited me to be apart of “Be A Thriver”. There I met others I could relate to and interact with in a positive uplifting way. A place where we all do more than just try to survive, but redefine our healing journeys and Thrive!

_Joy Clemis,

Before cancer I was a perfectionist, overachieving people-pleaser.  My life looked great from the outside, but I was exhausted and empty on the inside. Cancer gave me the gift of reflection and connection with God. I learned to love ME, just as I am. My second chance at this one and precious life unleashed my passion to live boldly, love fiercely, take care of myself, and  blaze a whole new trail to help others to do the same.

_Kelly Timmerman,

I am on my way to becoming a Breast Cancer Survivor/Thriver.  I am an overcomer!  After being diagnosed in January 2018, I had to come to terms with my mortality.  In doing so, I chose to focus on how I would live the rest of my life instead.  The last 8 months have been tough and it’s true what they say about the going getting tougher!  This tough girl is gettin’ going!  So many lessons learned and many more prayers answered, I’ve learned to take things one day at a time and spend each moment looking for the hidden treasures that my Creator placed in my realm, designed to bring out the hidden gem that is inside of me.  This is what I am hoping to share with the rest of the world.  And my hopes are, that by doing so, I will inspire others to do the same.  Life is tough and bad  things will happen.  But what I’ve learned throughout this beautiful process, is that no matter what life throws my way, with love, grace and dignity, I will overcome!

_Jonalyn Cruzada,

This group has given me hope. The community offers support, encouragement, and a different perspective on life. You take your mind off of you and put yourselves in others shoes who are going through similar circumstances. Joining a community with others, who have heard the same words, “you have cancer”, is comforting. The walls come down and you can be your authentic self with the other members. I feel I have healed mentally quicker through the community experience of Be a Thriver Group. I am much more present in my children’s lives, I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.

_Ann Slechta,

This group and Kimberly are a part of my journey to achieve the next stages of a BOLD... happy, healthy, loving life.  I’m exploring, standing tall and embracing vulnerability into my life. My career has been leading and serving others and I have been allowing too many authors to write my life story. In summary it’s come down to this... Let God write the story.

_Kirk Bjorland,

My cancer experience woke me up to how I was not showing up in my life. It woke me up to how I was literally waiting for the bad things to happen instead of getting up and creating the life I want to live. My cancer diagnosis doesn't define me because I get to choose to live. I get to choose, everyday, to do the emotional and physical work to create my beautiful life exactly the way I want it to be. I get to choose to THRIVE instead of merely SURVIVE.

_Clarissa Findlay,

the face